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Any fans of Mutant Leagure Football/Hockey in the house?

Postby Maverick1978 on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:51 pm

Just cuious. The IP wasn't renewed by EA, so the game rights have reverted back to the original owner, Michael Mendheim, and he's got a Kickstarter campaign currently underway to try and get a remake happening.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, check out the youtube video of Mutant League Football. You'll see that the series is basically a tongue-in-cheek sports game with great controls, decent AI, great humor, and an extreme fun-factor which lends to its 20-year replay ability.

Game Informer has been touting the Kickstarter Campaign, which is unheard of considering that it's still ongoing (up until now, Kickstarter-funded games typically received printed press only after they were fully funded). You can view the online articles from Game Informer here and here.

Wanna do like me and help fund the game? Visit the Kickstarter page!

Wanna promote it a little bit? Try doing it on Facebook with their official Facebook fan page.

This is one that I'm really, really hoping comes to fruition. So far, two of the smaller-scale projects that I've funded have come to completion - I'm looking forward to adding this one to the list!
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