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I'm tired of realm/rules complaining.

Postby the mystical one on Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:01 am

Double posted here for visibility.

Look, we have three realms tailored to different game styles.

Two realms are meant towards competitive play, since most people seem to want to play such a game. Of these people, there are two camps: Those who like duelkilling, and those who don't. There is one realm meant to go easier on newer players and players who don't really have time to do a full competition, or for players who don't mind camping and don't like duelkilling, etc.

The point is, there are three seperate rulesets, mostly mandated by how players seem to want to play. I keep the cloning and teamplay rules there because almost everyone would like a game that tends towards fairness, and history has shown in various places that neither of those generates a sense of fairness.

This post is also posted in the talk to admins forum. Please direct all replies there.

So if you don't like a ruleset, play in a different realm. But stop bitching about a ruleset of a realm you aren't going to play in, because it just makes you look like a whiny brat.
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