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Someone breaking the rules? Need to vent about it? Duelkilled unfairly? Talk about it here. Anything regarding rules, rulebreaking, or bugs should go here.

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What To Post in This Forum

Postby the mystical one on Mon Nov 13, 2006 8:44 pm

In this forum, inform the admin(s) about possible rule violations and any questions regarding interpretation of the rules.

Rule violations include:
1) A player killing another player in an online duel in either blue or green realm without reaching an agreement to the duel via in-game message prior to the duel
2) Camping in the Green or Red Realms
3) Possible Cloning (please include their IP address, visible on the Who's Online Page)
4) Teamplaying
5) Bug Exploitation

Please do not post a player's weapon, as this is considered highly rude and are generally edited out of posts by moderators anyway.

Also note that camping is primarily determined by equipment, with eperience merely being a backdrop to judge if the equipment/gold-getting has been excessive.

If you merely want to vent about some player duelkilling you in the red realm, please do that in the appropriate realm subforum.

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